Screen by screen

1 Start the game and after watching (or skipping) the intro, you'll be presented with the main screen of the game. Whenever you see a little cat icon after text, that means the game is waiting for your input.

Either left-click with your mouse or press spacebar to continue

2 You will receive a bonus when you start the game on day 1.

3 Increase your maximum WP by 20 points, receive 30 Guild Points, Acquire 10 square meter of land, get 4 skills points, get $1,000.00 or choose not to receive a gift.

4 When you're back on the main screen, you can either start the clock by clicking on PLAY right away, or get more food to sell. At the beginning, you can only have 3 products at the same time.

Click on GO TO

5 This is where you can visit other areas of Ish-World. Click on WHOLESALER to visit Levesque's store for supplies

6 After you choose a product, choose the quantity by either entering your own, or selecting a quantity recommended by the game.

7 You can always change your mind after choosing a quantity. Click YES to buy the new product.

If there is room in the shelves, it'll be automatically moved and ready for sale. If your shelves are full, it'll be moved to your stockroom.

8 Now that you have 2 products to sell, click PLAY to start the clock. Click PLAY again to pause the game.

9 Whenever a customer visits and makes a purchase, you'll see his name and picture on the right of the shelf display. You'll also see the details of the sale such as quantity of products, and total amount you were paid.

10 As you make sales, 1st number shows the quantity remaining in your inventory, and the 2nd number shows total lifetime sale.

Clock stops when you run out of product, at the beginning of the day (8AM) and at the end of the day (9PM).